How to join

If you are moving to the area, or if you enjoy singing but have never joined a choir, come and try us out! Membership is free for your first term (see below).

Just contact the Secretary, Margaret Foster, first so that we know to expect you.

You don’t have to be able to read music, but it helps if you can!  The Musical Director reserves the right to ask new members to audition (but he never does).

Tenors and basses are particularly welcome.

Wellingborough Orpheus Choir


We have an annual membership subscription, not a term or session fee.

The annual membership subscription is currently £126 (£120 concessions) and is due in October, payable by January at the latest; arrangements can be made to pay in two instalments.

Members joining the Choir for the first time do not have to pay anything during their first term with us. After that they pay pro rata for the period up to the start of the next Choir year. For example, someone joining in January would not pay anything until after the Easter break, when they would pay 1/3 of the annual subscription, before paying the full annual fee in October for the following year’s membership.

Membership is free for students and for people under 30.